The Jitsu Foundation – Individual Member Responsibility
Every member has a responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and of others.
You must comply with the following requirements and with the membership rules of The Jitsu Foundation, any other rules pertinent to your individual club and the rules and etiquette of the Dojo.
It must be borne in mind that Jitsu is a contact martial art and that its study does involve the acceptance of certain risks. Simulating both armed and unarmed attack situations can be physically demanding for both attackers and defenders. Occasional injuries such as bruises and sprains are to be expected.
However, it is the aim of the Club and The Jitsu Foundation to ensure that so far as is reasonably practicable that training is carried out in a safe environment and in a safe manner. Suitable control and supervision must be exercised at all time.
Every member shall ensure that they will;

Disclose via the medical screening questionnaire if they have any medical conditions, injuries or a change in health status that may prevent or affect training.

Provide details of how they manage their condition if they have Asthma, Diabetes or Epilepsy and supply the club instructor with a letter from a medical professional before participating in training is they disclose any other condition.

Stop training, move away from and immediately advise an instructor if they become aware of a blood spillage so that it can be treated urgently by someone wearing suitably protective gloves.

Apply Jitsu Foundation for membership within two weeks of commencing training.

Maintain a valid Jitsu Foundation membership status and other club membership requirements at all times.

Keep toe and finger nails are kept as short as possible.

Not wear jewellery, watches, bracelets or hair pins whilst training.

Not leave the mat or the Dojo during training sessions without notifying the Club Instructor.

Not consume food or drink (including chewing gum) in the Dojo.

Not smoke whilst in the Dojo or whilst wearing a gi.

Not consume alcohol prior to training.

Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.

Leave a suitable period between eating and the start of training.

Not use full power kicks or punches to the head or heart whilst carrying out finishing off or weakening strikes.

Use only appropriate force when training and exercise restraint where required. Especially when applying locks or strangles.

Keep their gi clean and in a good state or repair.

Obey the rules of the Jitsu Foundation and the etiquette of the Dojo.

Follow the instructions of the club Instructor or his nominee, and in particular observe the command ‘yame’ which means STOP.

Follow the advice of other more experienced members where that advice relates to their safety.

Draw to the attention of the Club Instructor anything which may affect the safety of people training.

Not engage in free practice without the presence of an Instructor.

Not attempt techniques which they have not been instructed to do so.

Not carry illegal weapons in their training bags.

Carry all weapons, particularly bokkens, bo’s, jo’s, in suitable cases and avoid the attentions of people in the street.

Maintain any personal training equipment or weapons which may be used within the club in a safe condition.

Prior to commencing training or an attack shall ensure that the defender is ready and observe Dojo etiquette. E.g. rei before attacking

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