beginners welcome

The best way to find out more is to come along and join in.Even our instructors were novices once, and we understand that starting a martial art can be daunting.

Email: or phone 01477 571441 for more information or just a friendly chat.

licence1213 print this form off, fill out and bring with you to your first session if you can, don’t worry if you can’t or forget as the instructors keep copies with them.

Our aim is to provide a friendly club environment where people can progress at their own pace. All of our instructors are trained in safe and effective instructorship, Sportscoach UK registered and are fully insured.

Don’t worry if you are not at the peak of fitness before you join. All you need to start is some loose clothing and a willingness to learn. Bring a friend along too if you like!
*Persons under 18 years of age will need parental consent.


Pay as you go mat fees are £5 per session for Adults and  Juniors.

Monday night 7-9pm in the dance studio, Thu night 7-9pm main sports hall.

Bring a Friend Our style is a friendly one with a strong focus on the positive aspects of self-defence; self confidence, respect for others and love of hard work. We want you to care about your fitness and personal safety, as well as those of your friends. Please encourage friends to try Jitsu. Without people of all shapes and sizes we can never learn about the similarities and differences between us. If you bring five people (not necessarily at once!) to try at least one session, we will credit you with one month mat fees!

Yearly licence (including insurance) required after 2 weeks, adult £25, under 18 £15.

Training suit (gi)  – not required until you want one. £30 for adults, smaller junior sizes are £20.There are many different types and qualities available, and there is no need to go to any extra expense than this for what we need. Cheaper ones are designed for different martial arts that involve just striking, but won’t withstand the tugging and pulling that ours need to endure.

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