Welcome To Macclesfield Jitsu Club

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We now train at the two Jiu Jitsu clubs in Manchester where Sensei John Meltzer assists in teaching alongside the club instructors and trains with the students also.

Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University which are for adults only and are Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thu evenings.

Times & Maps -  https://manchesterjitsu.org/training-times/




Our governing body, The Jiu Jitsu Foundation



The University Unions



1999-2013 Macclesfield Jitsu Club was split into two divisions, a junior and a senior club. The junior club was open to anyone age 10-17, and the senior club was open to anyone age 18+ and to both sexes.

Everyone at the club is very friendly, and we all get along and have a lot of fun. We have a wide range of ages and abilities and the club has plenty of beginners so you will not be alone or the odd one out.


1999-2013 Our club instructor  was Sensei John Meltzer & our assistant instructor was Sempei Maiken Meltzer, 1998-1999 Instructor and club Founder Mary Petty (nee Bishop). As part of the requirement to be a club instructor and assistant, they have undergone various instructor courses and first aid courses. They are very good instructors and the whole club enjoys being taught by them, so you will be in good hands! The higher grades also assist with the teaching.

The club attend both national and regional courses which are a great opportunity to meet other clubs and improve on your abilities.

Gradings are held every few months on a regional level and taken by an independent senior instructor. Students are put forward to grade only when  the club and assistant sensei’s feel the student is ready for it, and the student wants to grade.

Even though training is now available four times a week in Manchester, you can train as often or as little as you please, we like to see people down at the club but aren’t a martial arts club which demands regular attendance.

The club has a social side to it. We organise social gatherings for the club through the year, and generally enjoy ourselves and have a laugh.


From Junior & Adult Nationals we have been to over the years.

Koto Gaeshi 



Junior Nationals

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